Get money back from the state every time you fill up your boat, farming or other off-road equipment.

(Available in WA only at this time)

Get up to $10 on a 40 gallon fill up

The state of Washington taxes you $0.40-0.50 per gallon of gas for use on public highways. So when you use it elsewhere you can claim that money yourself. See WA DOL Fuel Tax Refunds for details on how your refund is calculated.

Easy as taking a photo

Gallons streamlines the submission process by making it as easy as taking a photo of your receipt, and clicking what boat or other equipment you used. Thats it!

Get back your hard earned money

Washington state permits claiming your refund under RCW 82.38.180.

Money deposited straight into your bank account

No dealing with small checks. Money goes straight to your account. Simply link your bank account by logging in using Plaid (the trusted, safe, secure platform).

All-kinds of off-road equipment

Boats, unlicensed farm or construction equipment, rental equipment, lawn-mowers, ATVs, dirt-bikes, logging, the list goes on. Check RCW 82.38.180 for details.

Unleaded and non-dyed diesel only

Fill up at a gas station, marina, or with a fuel truck? Claim it, as long as its not dyed.

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